Disease when Gets Older

When we gets older there is 75% of  death associated with heart disease, cancer and cerebrovascular diseases (Stroke). Osteoporosis is another cause of death where bone fractures, and post menoapusal bone loss.  At VK Nursing home we are all well aware of this and we are keen to take all precautionary action when dealing with old folks.

VK Nursing home increase life expectancy of senior citizen. Without a proper nursing home, you will wondering who will look after your parents when you are busy at work. Our dedication is 24 hours and we ensure to keep it that way. Besides from nursing care, VK Nursing home ensure good and balance eating habits for our clients (old folks). With a proper diet, this will reduce the chances of any heart diseases, cerebrovascular diseases and osteoporosis.

Penang Nursing Home

Information about the World

Millions of senior  citizens across the globe are not getting the proper  health care they need because governments and the society are not aware enough of the problem. By 2025, there will about 1200 million people aged 65 years according to UN estimates. Failure to address oral health needs today could develop into a costly problem tomorrow. Seven per cent of the 1.1 billion Indian population is today over the age of 60. They too wish to have a better access to health care, look forward to fun, health, dignity, economic independence and a peaceful death. They cannot afford to be ill as sickness is expensive.