Georgetown Nursing Home

VK Nursing Home are just 5 minutes away from the Penang General Hospital. We provides 24 hours nursing home to seniors and even those who are mentally challenged. Our nursing home is the most affordable ones in the Penang Island. With 24 hours of supervision and the location next to the Penang General Hospital, we are keen to give the best service to any senior staying in our nursing home.

Besides from our good location, VK nursing home is run by qualified nurses. Unlike other old folks home , VK nursing home provides quality nurses to assist in daily care. Our nurses and staff are trained to handle the nursing care. Best of all, the owner of the VK nursing home is also involved directly to assist in the daily chores. Rest assures, that our quality in nursing care is one of the best in the market.  Call us for more informaton

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Georgetown Penang Nursing Home
Georgetown Nursing Home is just 5 minutes away from the General Hospital. We provides quality nursing home with 24 hours of supervision to our clients. Our staff are highly trained to help you with your daily chores. We are also fully committed to employed trained nurses to assist in the nursing care.