Senior Care Penang

As the baby boomers are getting older, we can see senior care home is booming in Penang. The senior care home is not similar to nursing home because senior care home does not provide medic services as compare to nursing home. In nursing home, besides from providing our elders a place to stay, we help bed ridden patients to do dressing, ryles tube feeding and gastrostomy feeding.  Bottom line you need proper certification and training to perform such services.  A nursing home is similar to a mini hospitals because our rates are more affordable and does bring better living quality for the old.

VK Nursing Home is one of the best nursing home in Penang. The nursing home has taken care more than 100 patients. Some are coming for short term stay while others are long term occupants. Unlike other nursing home, we are thrilled to help you to care for your parents. We understand that you are unable to take care of them 24 hours a day due to work commitment. Leave all these chores to us and we will ensure you that we will give our best to help your parents to feel at home. It may be a difficult to at first but as time goes by, you will realised that VK nursing home is like min hotels for old.