Helping Bedridden Patients- Nursing Home

It is lack of knowledge from various Penang Nursing Home which led to many older patients experiencing bed sores. This can be avoided with proper nursing care. VK Penang Nursing Home trained all the nurses and workers to be well aware of this. We ensure that our patients will not suffer from bed sores. Our nurses provides constant check and proper exercise to avoid any patients from establishing bed sores.

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How to to avoid bed sores:

  1. Regulate the movement of the joint and muscle
  2. Do not let the patients to sleep too much. Encourage exercises such as folding own clothes and even wake up from bed to do stretching
  3. Try to encourage independent with supervision

For paralyzed Patients

  1. Caretaker should encourage daily arm and leg stretching
  2. Move the body joints regularly
  3. Turn the body from time to time to encourage air circulation

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