The Best Nursing Home

VK Penang Nursing Home is one of the best nursing home in Penang. We help senior citizen to feel at home. We provide them a place to stay and helping the younger generation to cope with thier busy lifestyle. VK Penang Nursing home understands the rat race and we are here to reduce your burden for taking care of your parents.

VK Penang Nursing Home is located just 1 minute away from the main entrance of the Gneral Hospital Block C
We are open from 8am till 6pm.  (Office Hour)
Visitors can visit our Nursing home any time during office hour. Please call us and tell inform us when you will be visiting so that our manager can be there to assist you

Why Us?

  1. We provide small ration between occupants and caretakers
  2. Just minute away from General Hospital
  3. 24 hours supervision
  4. Caretakers have ample of medical training to handle emergency
  5. Clean environment. Nursing home should be clean to prevent any formation of fungus and bacteria which will cause respiratory problems



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Penang Nursing Home - The Best
Why VK Nursing Home is considered the Best Nursing Home in Penang.