My Experience in Penang Nursing Home – VK Nursing Home

Many of us share good and bad experience sending folks to nursing home. While many of you debate on which nursing good is good or which nursing home is bad, why not access the condition of your folks before you start dumping your folks in any the nursing home.

If you really care for your folks, you can put them for care during the day session and bring them home after your work. I mean, think of it as a day care.

Here is something VK Nursing home would like share with you. Taking care of older folks is not a joke. At VK Nursing Home, we give the best to anyone who has decided to let us care for your folks.We take pride and responsibility taking care of your parents and treat them like our own parents too. It is all about love and care. Just remember this is not a dumping ground and please take up the responsibility to care for your folks.